Sunday, July 21

Access All Areas with Josh Widdicombe

Three of our Explorers – Ben, Oscar, and Zachary – were given a behind-the-scenes glimpse into life on the road as a popular comedian, when they met Josh Widdicombe backstage at Reading’s Hexagon Theatre.

Ahead of his performance at the Big Comedy Bash show on Monday evening, Josh kindly gave up half-an-hour of his time to speak to our intrepid reporters for a special feature for Thre3-6ix Radio.

It was truly an access all areas visit as preparations for the show were underway; the Explorers were granted access to the dressing room for the interview, adding a level of exclusivity to proceedings.

To hear the full interview, you’ll have to tune into Thre3-6ix Radio over the weekend of 10-12 May – but HUGE thanks to Josh for his time, and for the support of our Project Africa fundraiser!