Sunday, July 21

Remembering Ayrton Senna with Mark Gallagher

Residents of the village of Tilehurst in Reading may be familiar with Ayrton Senna Road. A seemingly random acknowledgement of the Formula 1 legend, three-time world champion, and much-loved superstar who tragically lost his life at Imola in 1994.

Quite why it’s not Ayrton Senna Drive is another question entirely, but we wanted to explore the reason behind the road naming, so set about investigating. We knew Senna had briefly lived in Reading during the early phase of his career, but beyond that our knowledge was limited. So, we sought expert insight from none other than Formula 1 broadcaster, author and business speaker, Mark Gallagher.

Explorer Scout Betsy, host of our Thre3-6ix sports show, spoke to Mark about Ayrton, his life, career, legacy – and of course how he came to live in little old Tilehurst. The resultant interview, broadcast during Betsy’s sports show, is now available to listen on our YouTube channel with some hilarious anecdotes about remote control helicopters, and the odd fender bender.

The timing of the chat carried additional poignancy with the 30th anniversary of Senna’s tragic death, May 1st, and Formula 1’s latest round in Imola, which took place this weekend. Betsy did a stellar job chatting to Mark and uncovering some fascinating content for our show.

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